Three Agencies Form an Alliance to Provide an Integrated Digital Marketing Solution

Long Island, NY - In the immortal words of Alexandre Dumas, the creator of the Three Musketeers, Social Ribbit, Strategic Marketing Works and TechACS announce they have formed the: Omnes Pro Uno Marketing Alliance Omnes Pro Uno is Latin for, All for One. Part of the Unus Pro Omnibus, Omnes Pro Uno, One for All, All for One motto of the Three Musketeers. The motto supports Craig Yaris', Juan Vides' and Steven Wilson's mission of their new alliance - to work together to create efficiencies and reduce redundancies. The result is a Big Agency feel at a fraction of the price. The Omnes Pro Uno Marketing Alliance will help companies navigate through today's many options in the digital world to reach and engage future buyers of their product or service. "The three of us have worked together on several projects during the past year," said Juan Vides, TechACS, "and we realize that to better serve our clients we need to provide them the breadth of services thatwe have to offer." "Regardless of the type of account or size, most marketers today have a web / SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing component," said Craig Yaris, Social Ribbit, "so the fact that we can now offer clients a consistent integrated approach helps them to streamline their campaign and we now work with a greater understanding of what the other hand is doing, which helps create efficiencies." "We believe this is a big step in the evolution of the solopreneur marketing consultant," said Steven Wilson, Strategic Marketing Works, "with each of the three disciplines now totally integrated, it became apparent to Craig, Juan and myself that this alliance was the best way to help a growing client base who seeks help to create and curate their digital marketing program."  
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